BREADWINNER, job seeking website

The Breadwinner project is a step-through of the design process for creating a job seeking website from scratch.

Project Details

Client: George Mason University
Project Scope: 3 weeks
Project Type: Class Project
Tools Used: Pen & Paper, MockPlus

Team Size: 2 including myself
My Role(s): Task Analyses and Use Case development, prototype development

Project Goal

The major goal of this project was to develop a job-seeking website that matches an ideal user journey.

Design Process

For this project we wanted the task analyses to inform the design of the site.

  • Task Analyses
  • Prototype
  • Usability Analysis
  • Revise Prototype

Task Analyses

The first step of this process was to conduct a task analyses that followed our user’s journey through the job seeking process from initial arrival to the site through to applying for a job.

Graphical Hierarchical Task Analysis and Procedural Analysis

The task analyses were followed by defining use cases to determine the assumptions and tasks involved in conducting a job search online.

Use cases for job seeker website


From the task analysis and use cases we developed an initial prototype using MockPlus. Below is a screenshot from the initial prototype.

Usability Analysis

We used the prototype to conduct task based usability testing to verify users were able to complete tasks defined in our use cases. During usability testing, we discovered one major flaw was that we had completely forgotten to include a log-out feature. Additionally, there were links that went to unexpected screens, which made navigation difficult.


The re-design took into account flaws discovered during the usability analysis. The major fix was creating a log-out link.

Breadwinner Functional Prototype

Next Steps

The following steps would be taken to further improve the site:

  • Revisit the “apply for a job” and “edit profile” user flows to identify areas that can be improved to increase user satisfaction.
  • Ensure consistency of page element placement across pages
  • Improve visual appeal of website