Lanita's Closeup

What attracts me to UX?

I was drawn to the user experience field by a desire to help people who feel like they are not “computer” people. I have a firm belief that people end up feeling like they don’t “get” technology because they have interacted with poorly designed systems, websites, apps, etc. With that in mind, I studied software and system design, human-computer interaction and cognitive psychology to learn how to design intuitive, highly usable interfaces and systems.

I truly enjoy the UX field because it allows me to bring my passions, skills, and knowledge together in ways that improve the world around me.

What Unique qualities do I bring to the field?

In every role I take on, I use my education and experience not only to improve our business offerings but also to improve the efficiency of processes and tools used on the job. 

In my most recent role as a User Researcher at Bose, I designed and executed studies that informed crucial business decisions on product designs and concepts. I worked with engineers and designers to define study requirements and goals, and I documented testing protocols and study materials to ensure the study was replicable and defensible. Beyond the daily duties of my job as a researcher, I used my background in programming to help my team maintain a CRM tool for recruitment and scheduling needs and to find ways to expedite data processing.

What Else Do I Enjoy?

Outside of work, I enjoy a number of creative pursuits and hobbies including: sewing, painting/drawing, taking photo hikes, and rock climbing.

I enjoy the process of learning something new and seeing how building skills in one activity can bleed over and improve skills in another seemingly unrelated activity.

Climbing Rocks Outside
Lanita standing on a hill